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Use of Software If you download any software from this Site (hereinafter referred to as "Software"), you may use only in accordance with its accompanying license terms (“Software License Agreement”). You may not download or install the Software before you have read and accepted the Software License Agreement. Information Any materials, feedback, or other types of information that you submit to this Site or to FIRM Marella Natural DOOon this site ("Information") will not be considered confidential or proprietary.Marella Natural DOOwill be the sole owner of all information collected on or in connection with the Site.Marella Natural DOO has no obligations with respect to such information and is free to use it without restriction for any purpose (such as use, reproduction, modification, publication, (re)distribution, public display, etc.) and without citing the source. It is prohibited to post or transmit to or from the Site any illegal, threatening, defamatory, humiliating, obscene, pornographic or other materials that violate any laws. PrivacyMarella Natural DOOreserves the right to collect certain personal data when searching some of the Internet pages of this Site in order to fulfill your requests or needs. Any collection of such information on these pages will be carried out in accordance with the privacy rules contained on these websites, as well as the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data. Some pages of this Site may store certain packages of information known as "cookies" on your computer. Cookies give us the answer to the question of how and when the page of this Site was visited and how many people visited it. This technology does not collect information about your personal identity, instead, the information is in aggregate form. The purpose of this technology and the information it collects is to help us improve our Site. Marella Natural DOOis not responsible for the content of information published by users via chat or option "ask the customer".Marella Natural DOOreserves the right to in the option "ask the customer" remove messages that contain material that we consider obscene, defamatory or otherwise objectionable. Marella Natural DOO  is not responsible or obligated to monitor chat conversations and therefore bears no responsibility for the content of any communication, whether or not arising under the laws of copyright, defamation, privacy or otherwise.Links to other sites Links contained on the Site to independent sites are displayed solely for your convenience.Marella Natural DOO has not reviewed the content of these sites, does not control them and is not responsible for any of these sites or their content. Therefore,Marella Natural DOOis not their representative, does not provide any guarantees and does not accept obligations in in connection with these sites or any information, software or other products that may be found there, or with the results resulting from their use. If you decide to access one of the sites to which links from our Site lead, you do so at your own risk. Service "ask the customer" UsersMarella Natural DOO  of the site have the opportunity to ask a question to the product owners who have chosen to participate in the "Ask the Customer" service. If the user of the site uses this service, he is considered to be familiar with the regulations and to accept all terms of use:
  • • The user of the product must be asked a question as directly as possible.
  • • The question submitted must contain a minimum of 30 words.
  • • The question must not contain inappropriate or rude words.
  • • The question must not contain the names of other companies that sell computers and computer equipment.
  • • The question must not contain links to other websites.
  • • The question must not contain any expressions that indicate racial, sexual, religious or any other intolerance or insults in this sense
After approval by the administrator, the question will be sent to all owners of this product who have accepted the terms of use of the Ask a customer service.
  • • The user is required to present the experience of using the product as realistically as possible.
  • • The user must answer the question as directly as possible.
  • • The answer to the question must contain a minimum of 50 words.
  • • The answer to the question must not contain inappropriate and rude words.
  • • The answer to the question must not contain the names of other companies that sell computers and computer equipment.
  • • The answer to the question must not contain links to other websites.
  • • The answer to the question must not contain any expressions that indicate racial, sexual, religious or any other intolerance or insults in this sense.
After approval by the administrator, the answer will be sent to the user who asked the question. Limitation of warranties The information, products, materials and/or services (“content”) displayed on this site are provided “as is” without any warranties of any kind. Marella Natural DOOis explicitly limited to the maximum extent determined by law, from any direct, indirect statutory or any other warranties or representations, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or respect for intellectual or proprietary rights. The content consists exclusively of information of a general nature, which is not intended to solve specific situations or for any specific person or entity, and which does not constitute professional advice. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Marella Natural DOO does not guarantee the accuracy, applicability, reliability and completeness of the content on this site, nor does it guarantee uninterrupted operation, timeliness, security or absence of errors. Marella Natural DOOmay change the content of this site or the products and prices listed on the site in any time and without prior warning. The content on this site may be out of date, andMarella Natural DOOdoes not undertake to update it . content published on this site may refer to products, programs or services that are not available in your country. Consult yourMarella Natural DOOlocal office regarding the products, programs or services that are available to you. available.Limitation of liability To the maximum extent permitted by law,Marella Natural DOO, its suppliers or third parties mentioned on this site shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special damages, or such arising from the loss of a profile, loss of data or interruption of a business process) arising as a consequence of the use, delay or inability to use, or the result of the use of this site , sites linked from this site or content published here or on other sites mentioned, regardless of whether it is based on a warranty, contract or other legal remedy or whether the client has been informed of the possibility of such damages. If your use of materials, information or services from this site results in the need for servicing or repair of equipment or data, you are responsible for the costs incurred. Registered Trademarks All names, logos, trademarks, trademarks or service marks appearing on this Site are registered. trademarks of the respective companies within Marella Natural DOO or other owners. You may not use names, logos, trademarks, trademarks or service marks without the prior written consent of their full owner. All prices on this site are expressed in dinars. VAT is included in the price.Marella Natural DOOmaximally uses all its resources to provide you with all the items on this site will be displayed with the correct specification names, photos and prices. However, we cannot guarantee that all the information and photos of the items on this site are completely correct. General privacy and data protection policy Marella Natural DOOMarella Natural DOOrespects your privacy. Regardless of whether you are in contact withMarella Natural DOO about the product and/or service as a customer, user, representative of the public, etc. You have the right to the protection of personal data: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other data such as, IP address, geolocation data, etc. In the General policy for the protection of privacy and personal dataMarella Natural DOO("this policy"), describes the procedure for collecting your personal data and the purpose in which they are collected, the method of using your personal data, with whom your personal data is shared, how it is protected and what your options are in the scope of personal data protection. This policy refers to the processing of your personal data within various services, tools, applications, websites, portals, (internet) promotions, marketing campaigns, sponsored social media platforms, etc., provided or managed by us or a third party on our behalf. This policy contains general rules and explanations. For certain services, tools, applications, websites, portals, (internet) promotions, marketing campaigns, sponsored social media platforms, etc., offered byMarella Natural LLC or managed by a third party on behalf of Marella Natural LLC, this policy may supplemented by special, separate privacy notices. We will inform you about these special privacy notices in an appropriate way every time we collect your personal data in the above-mentioned activities (for example on websites, portals, individual communication services, e-news, reminders, surveys, offers, events, etc. .).This policy applies to all your personal data, which is collected byMarella Natural DOO, Kirovljeva 17 Belgrade, and/or Marella Natural DOO authorized sellers, complaint handlers, etc., collectively referred to in this policy as "Marella Natural DOO", "we ", "us" and "our". At the end of this policy you can find some definitions of key terms used in this policy (for example personal data, processing, processor, ...). Who is responsible for processing your personal data? The organizations responsible for processing your personal data are:
  • • "Marella Natural DOO" d.o.o., Belgrade, Kirovljeva 17;
  • • Resolver of complaints on behalf of and for the account Marella Natural DOO - "NEPO SYSTEM" doo Belgrade ul. Cara Dušana 214, 11080 Zemun
Who can you contact if you have questions or a request regarding personal data? We have appointed a person and designated a special contact address for the protection of personal data to handle your questions or requests in relation to this policy or special privacy notice, about your personal data and their basic principles: We appreciate the trust you show us by entrusting us with your personal data and we undertake to always process them in a fair, transparent and secure manner. The key principles thatMarella Natural DOOrespects when processing personal data are the following: Legality: Personal data we will collect in a fair, legal and transparent manner.